IBS & imodium….is there an alternative?



Well the anti-spasmodic (dicycloverine hydrochloride) that I was placed on a few weeks ago seems to be helping things. The pain seems to have gone down a LOT!! :) I’m so happy that I’m no longer in ridiculous amounts of pain, BUT I still have a way to go with reducing the ‘urgency’, and the amount of trips to the toilet.

Imodium and IBS

The only thing what seems to curb this is to take imodium every day, and I am yet to find a suitable alternative. I dont know what the long term effects are of taking imodium (Loperamide) but I’m concerned my body is so used to them that it has made the problem spiral. I’ve started slowly trying to wean myself off these as my Doctor constantly reminds me that in the long term it could be making things worse. The plan is to try and reduce my intake by 2mg a day. So I’m going to try 6mg per day next week, then 4mg week after then 2mg and so on and see how i get on.

Does Imodium make things worse?

I have noticed that when I get a few days off work and stop taking imodium I become quite ill. However its a bit of a catch 22 because unless I take imodium I usually cannot leave the house, but I know that by taking it, it’s usally just delaying the problem. So I’m trying to cut down gradually, and just go completely ‘cold turkey’ at the weekends, where I can. I’m hoping that one day I can find a more natural cure such as through diet or supplement, but the search continues….

End of July 2013- Update- After a week of being off imodium I am in a lot of pain and going to the bathroom up to 10 times a day. I feel really nauseous but not sure if this through lack of food or feeling unwell. I think a  lot of the pain might be because I feel so ‘empty’. I’m desperate to find something which reduces diarrhea, otherwise failing that back to imodium I think. But this cannot continue in the long term. I go travelling on 5th Aug so slightly panicking now! I have started the FODMAP diet in an effort to find a natural way to reduce my reliance on imodium. You can read up on my experience here.

Not long before I jet off….

The summer is finally here and theres not too long to go before I jet off on an airplane to see the wider world, so I could really do with my body starting to play ball. I would like to be in better health before I set off. I am becoming quite anxious when i think of travelling, as I dont know how my body will behave, but I really dont want to let IBS have that much control over me, where I stop living life. I’m going to put together my thoughts and feelings and ideas about how to travel with IBS in a future post as I feel its quite a big issue and needs its own post.


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  1. I had simular problem get tested for helacabter its a breath test if u have it its easy to get rid of an you’re pains will stop bowl movement s will slow down I have imodium once every couple of weeks I use to take it everyday

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